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Tide Corrections

On an earlier version of this website there was a tide correction program. You could easily generate a multi-day table of 5-minute tide corrections for any location on Earth. This app will return. There are also plans for other small but useful apps to be added to the list. All the apps are online so you don't have to worry about forgetting them when you go to the field.

Observed Gravity Reduction

The Data Processing page shows a sample page from the gravity survey field notebook. What if you could enter your daily gravity readings into a similar online form and have the data reduced to observed gravity readings? It's only partway to a Bouguer Gravity dataset, but gravity meter operators finally be able to see their loop drift right away.

Inner Terrain Correction Calculator

Using a Modified Hammer Chart B-D Zones, you can enter your raw elevation data in %, degrees, meters, or feet and convert the readings into an ITC value in milligals.

Survey Program Layout - Gravity and Magnetics

Mining grid style

  • Line and station notation, total station count
  • Azimuth orientation of lines and perpendicular baseline
  • User selectable line and station spacing

Freestyle survey along roads and trails

  • Constant station spacing along digitized roads, with priority settings

Polygon Survey

  • Irregular area-filling grids with variable line and station spacings
  • Automated station file uploads to GPS equipment for real-time go-to layout

If you would like to see other apps become available, drop us a line and let us know what you have in mind.


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