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Boreal and Temperate Forests

Projects that take place in forested areas are complicated by limited access, limited visibility on the ground, and thick undergrowth. Depending on the land designation, only minimal line cutting may be possible. Tall trees with a thick canopy can render most GPS systems useless for obtaining accurate 3-D positions even if the line is adequately traversable. Travel will be mainly by foot. If roads or trails are available, 4-wheel ATV's in the summer and snowmobiles in the winter can improve production. Count on snowshoeing when snow depths exceed 25 centimeters.


Tall Trees


Summer Conditions

Avoidance Cutting

Quad Transport

GPS Base in Cutblock

Leica System 500 GPS Base Setup

Forestry Access Road

Road Access

Lacoste & Romberg G Meter



Mag Survey

Winter Conditions in the forest

Helipad in Clearing

Chainlevel measurements

Afternoon Base Reading

Snowmobile Transport








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