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Arctic - Spring Environment

You've just crawled out from behind the groceries and fuel. The first thing you notice is that everything is blindingly white. A pair of wrap-around sunglasses are worth their weight in gold. Grab your bags, it's time to move.

Crew Deplaning

This is home for the next few weeks.


Yes, that's the curvature of the Earth, and that bright spot is a full moon. Communications are great, high-speed internet via satellite.

Moon over Office Tent

The tents provide all the power, lights, and heat you need.

Work Station

Snow depths can vary depending on the surrounding landforms and drifting patterns, and how cold it's been. Snowshoes are the prime travel method for short station distances of 25 and 50 meters. Beyond that, it's nice to have a snowmobile. He looks lost but the GPS man always knows where he is.

Snowshoe Travel



Further north, on the ice pack, pressure ridges form where icesheets are forced together. It's convenient to have your motorhome with you out here. This Nodwell provides enough space in back to sit it out and wait for help if necessary. It's not bad if you come across a polar bear either.

Snow Tracks

Mackenzie Delta



  Arctic Mozaic

The Bombardier tracked vehicle is a smaller version. It's not fast but it gets you there.


And the favourite for most crews is the snowmobile.

Snowmobile Travel

Arctic Mozaic


Sometimes the weather can turn bad real fast. Tie everything down or she'll blow away.

Arctic Storm

Outside Tent

Storms have been known to blow for a week or more, and when things look a little bleek...

As the Storm Rages Outside

...the sun comes out again.

Arctic Sunset

This lucky gravity operator has his own built-in gravity base - for those really cold days.

Gravity Base for Cold Days


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