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Directors and Personnel

Michael McCombe- President

  • Mike has participated in numerous exploration projects for hydrocarbons and minerals in North America, South America, Europe, East and West Africa, the Middle East and South-east Asia. He has participated in the discovery of several major base metal ore bodies. Mike has extensive arctic and high arctic experience. He held a commercial pilot’s license and has flown Canada wide and in the Arctic and high Arctic.

Cell: 403-470-3713

Office: 403-286-8197

Mike McCombe

Lunn Johnston - VP Operations, Data Analysis

  • Lunn has been involved in mining and hydrocarbon exploration for 35 years, with the last 18 years dedicated exclusively to potential field methods in North & South America, and Africa. Prior to 1990 he worked freelance for all the major geophysical contractors in Canada. Lunn has extensive knowledge in the planning and execution of Gravity, Mag, VLF, Max-Min, IP and Pulse EM surveys.

Lunn Johnston

Cam  Khan, M.Sc. Physics and Geophysics - VP, Program Planning and Interpretation

  • Cam has 22 years of subsurface geophysical exploration experience in the areas of airborne potential field, ground gravity, Induced Polarization (IP), Resistivity profiling, and open and cased hole well logging, project management and data interpretation.

  • Cell: 403-437-7822 

Qamar Khan

Richard McCombe - Senior Surveyor, Gravity Operator, Data Processing Operations

  • Richard has over 25 years of experience in magnetics, gravity and GPS surveys, seismic surveying procedures and other potential field studies for exploration purposes. He has participated in projects in North and South America, the Arctic, as well as North and West Africa.

Richard McCombe

Roger McKellar, MEmergMgt, CRSP, NCSO - Safety Supervisor, Gravity Operator, Surveyor

  • Roger has over 17 years experience in geophysical projects in North and South America, the Canadian Arctic, Africa and the Middle East since 1972. His many talents include data acquisition, planning, logistics, field supervision and the management of health & safety and environmental programs.

  • Roger also has over 21 years experience in search and rescue, and holds a certificate in emergency management

Roger McKellar

Michael R. McCombe, Senior Surveyor, Gavity Operator, Data Processing Operations

  • Michael has over 25 years of experience in gravity and GPS surveys, and as a seismic crew forman. He has participated in projects in North and South America, the Arctic, as well as North and West Africa. 

Other Crews

Additional field staff are available should a particular project demand more crews or specialized work.

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