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Data Processing

Field data is collected under a variety of conditions, with a variety of instruments.  We use a combination of industry-standard and custom software to handle data acquisition, storage, and processing of manual and automated systems.  Our experience has shown that you have to be ready for anything, anytime, anywhere. That's why some of our software gets written in the field - because it has to.

Gravity Reduction

  • Stations can be located on land, the surface of frozen lakes, the bottom of a lake or ocean, the top of a glacier, or in an under-ground mine shaft, adit, and tunnel
  • Theoretical Gravity (latitude correction) - all versions
  • IGF 1930 IGF1930
  • GRS 1967 IGF1967
  • GRS1980 IGF1980
  • Free-Air Anomaly and density study (Nettleton method, 1939)
  • Bouguer Slab Correction, all scenarios
  • Inner Terrain Corrections - both digital Hammer and field collection
  • Outer Terrain Correction - both digital Hammer and DEM elements
  • water and ice depth corrections, all scenarios

Magnetics Reduction

  • Base subtraction
  • Total Magnetic Intensity
  • Reprocessing of aeromag dataset: releveling, reduction to the pole, upward and downward continuation, vertical derivatives
  • Total Magnetic Intensity


  • Leica Geo-Office Software for static and real-time processing
  • Network Adjustment
  • Coordinate conversion

Elevation Determination

  • Dual-frequency differentially-corrected GPS positions
  • Barometric Method - single or multiple base station correction
  • Chain Level Method - single line and full grid adjustment
  • Total Station Method - fly-back and tie between GPS controls

Program Layout - Gravity and Magnetics

  • Mining Grid with azimuth orientation and baseline
  • Constant station spacing along digitized roads, with priority settings
  • Irregular area-filling grids with variable line and station spacings
  • Automated station file uploads to GPS equipment for real-time go-to layout






Custom Software

Many software systems are built over time - no one writes them in a day - so, naturally they're improved from one version to the next. And then there's the dreaded "maintenance contract" that forces you to pay for the new releases even if you don't want them - just to keep the possibility of upgrade alive. Sounds like a life insurance policy!

When you have control over your own software, you can keep your tools sharp and ready for the big job. We will be putting some of these tools on the web in the future so drop in and have a look from time to time.

Cold Moon over Office
Whether we're located in a remote northern camp or trying to keep cool on the equator, it's crucial to have enough power and communications. Jungle Office

The office might change in size but there's never enough tools that make your way onto the desk.

  • Notebook computer
  • external hard disk
  • VHF crew radio
  • external keyboard
  • wireless mouse
  • cell phone
  • handheld GPS
  • shortwave radio
  • printer
  • wireless router
  • mp3 player and headphones

Office Tent

Office on a Desk




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